Friday, October 5, 2007

Solio Solar Charger

I received the Solio Charger from Shop. As you may, or may not, have read, I purchase all of my accessories from

Why did I get this? I guess you could say it was more of an experiment than anything else. With what is going on today, I feel that we should support green energy as much as possible. This portable charger was right in every way described above.

It takes about 8-10 hours of sun to fully charge the Solio. It does say that that it can charge my phone 1-2 times However, I found that if my 1800 m/ah battery is less than half full, a fully charged Solio will power it 3/4 of the way. Granted I do have my IM client running all the time.

The Solio comes with different adapters for different phones. You can vitually charge any phone because a 12v adapter is included in the package. For those of you that have a car charging cable, that means you can use the Solio.

I like the Solio. I just wish that it packed a little more power for charging purposes. My Treo is a power hungry device and can eat up a battery's power in just a few hours.

The vehicles I use at work don't have 12v sockets, or power ports, that work. Having the Solio as a back can really make a difference between a dead battery or enough battery to call for help.

Funny enough, I have used the Solio to charge my GPS Unit when on a hike. Obviously we shouldn't depend on gadgets when hiking, but it sure does make life a little easier.

If you are intrested in something like this, I recommend getting from treonauts. I found it to have the cheapest price on the net. Other solar devices can be found by searching the internet for portable solar power.


Darren said...

Thanks for the "review", I am considering getting one of these myself and it's always nice to get some opinions before taking the plunge.

One particular thing I had in mind was those solar power car fans, designed to keep your car cool. I was really keen to get one but after reading many reviews stating that they don't work (since they are nowhere near powerful enough), I decided not to bother. It sort of turned me sour on the whole solar power idea (unless you can afford to cover your entire roof with panels, and I certainly can't!).

However, being keen to do my part to be green, I've been looking into solar chargers. I've noticed on eBay that there are some solar chargers that are a lot cheaper than the Solio but I'm always weary of cheap imitations (so often you get what you pay for).

Finally, it's always nice to see people doing something to reduce their energy consumption, no matter how small. Kudos to you.

Gianni said...

I have bougth Solio solar charger classis, some days ago, but I have been very disappointed :-(, the solio solar charger with internal battery discarge can't charge my mobile phone.

After one day of work with solio the green led don't work (also after I charge the solio solar charger!)

Now, I would to know what's the difference from solio and a cheap cina solar charger? Nothing!


Luis Martinez said...

While the Solio is a good concept it is not a perfect solution to our goal of clean energy. The Solio worked good until 3 weeks ago. I had it in my car and the heat ruined it. I can no longer charge it nor charge my Treo 755p with it. But it was good while it lasted. Hopefully Solio will be improved in the near future.