Monday, October 1, 2007


How many of you go see a Dr. on a yearly basis? They say that most Americans see their Dentist more than they see their Dr.

Many diseases, if caught early, can be cured. But, by the time we go see a Dr. about a chronic health issue, it is to late. The excuses I hear as to why people don't go: They are going to find something wrong with me. I don't have time. I hate waiting at a Dr's. office all the time.

I have a good relationship with my Dr. I have been seeing him since '03. At first I would see him every 90 days because of health issues. I am hispanic and having High Blood Pressure comes with the Ethnicity. I learned something throughout my years. We need to take care of our bodies now not when we are in our 50-60's.

Obvioulsy we still need to continue with the health care throughout our life, but we need to start it now. As young people, we assume that the health problems will start when we get older. One thing that young people or even all people don't realize, is that we begin to destroy our bodies when we are young.

Everything we do from drinking, smoking, pollution to plastics will affect our health in the future. Environmental health risks will take a toll on society.

Unfortunately, genetics, culture and luck will have an effect on our health. Being Latino I have many factors counting against me. Diabetes, High Blood pressure, High Cholesterol etc. But being proactive and seeing my Dr. more than once a year, I feel that I can get a headstart on keeping my health in good working order.

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