Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weight Loss Update.

Its been a while....again! It's not that I am not writing, it's just that I have been posting my stuff to Tumblr. I shall quit that and post here.

Last time I went to the Dr. I weighed in at 286lbs. Not to shabby but not where I wanted to be. The reason of my slowed weight loss has been the lack of me going to the gym. I just can't find the time anymore with my new hours. I do get some walk time on my treadmill but its not the same when you swim 20 laps.

I will find the time, I have to find the time!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just an Update

I am ok. Still dealing with this weight loss. I know I am eating right. I know I am losing weight but I still get desperate. I know I didn't gain this weight in 3 months so I am not going to lose it just as fast. My clothes tell me I am losing it so I'll go with that.

Life? Well, work is stagnant. Not work, work, but my feeling about it. I feel like it's time to move on. I have applied for other positions within my Department but in different Office. I'll see how that goes. The office I am at is great. It takes me 30 minutes to get there instead of the 1.5 hours it took me before. I just can't believe how crazy I was to drive the freaking 96 miles to work. To think I contemplated putting in for a promotion there again. I must be desperate!

School? Yes, I am planning on going back to school. I want to enter ITT and get my bachelor's degree in ITS and an associate in Web design. I really need to learn that shit or I am going to be left way behind in the electronic race of ours. My job will pay for part of my school so I am looking forward to studying again. I'll have to see how I can accomplish this financially.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weight Loss Update

Well, the day has come and passed. I was weighed in on the 13th of January. How did I do? Not good. I only lost 1 lbs over all and that 1lbs was from fat. Most people would say it is a good amount to lose as long as you lose. But I don't feel that way.

I have been working my ass off getting up at 4 a.m. in order to get to the gym. I was doing some lifting but mainly I was getting my cardio by swimming. I kept up with the swimming as best as I knew/know how. As an example, I started swimming 500 meters per day and I am up to 1000 meters. Boy was I disappointed with my loss.

My nutritionist says that Christmas and New Year's food could be the cause of my not so significant weight loss. Even though I told her that I didn't eat that much food, which I honestly didn't, she said that the scale says otherwise. I will go with what she said and live with it. I have now been eating right and I increased my cardio. ( I did taste some of the non read meat foods but it was the tip of the spoon tasting.)

For my daily cardio workout I am doing 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and 30-45 minutes in the pool. For my food consumption I haven't changed a thing. I am still not eating white flours, no red meat and haven't had caffeine since October.

Is this just a diet? Nope, I want to consider this as a life style change. The greatest thing about my lifestyle change is that my daughter started to eat the same way. I can see the weight loss as well! She says she feels better and is eating things like salmon, tuna steaks, grilled or baked chicken and other healthy things.

You too can lose the wait if you put your mind and soul to it!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


First off, I want to let you know that I have switched from a Palm Treo to a Windows Mobile Treo. I love WinMob! I can't believe how powerful the OS is. I can do many things with my WinMob Treo.

What is fring? It is a free application that allows me to skype while using my data plan and not my minutes. With fring you can also setup your IM from Messenger, Gtalk and ICQ. So not only can you call you skype contacts via your data plan, you can IM with your friends as well.

Another thing you can do with fring is twitter. Yes, you can get tweets to your Treo, or any other WinMob deivce. I think that twitter is a little annoying on fring so I don't have it going. Well, if you wanna give this app a try you can click here for fring.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weightloss update.

I weighed in at the Dr's office on the 17th of December. I was dissapointed to see that I had only lost 2 lbs. I saw that my overall weight was 297.5 lbs down from 299.5lbs.

When I get weighed it is not some old fashoined scale. This is a special computerized scale. Not only can it tell your weight but it can tell you where you weight is.

The nutrionist comes in and we beging to talk about my meals, excercise and such. I was anxious for us to get to the weight part. Then I just told her. I only lost two lbs and I was dissapointed.

She began by pulling out the strip of receipt paper that the scale spewed out. It read the follow facts: I had lost 2lbs of overall weight, 12.5lbs of fat weight and gained 10 of "other" weight.

This was excellent news for me. Eventhough I didn't lose a lot of overall weight, I did lose 12.5lbs of fat. I have been swimming and weight lifting so I know I am eating the correct foods and getting the right amount of excercise.

So, that is my monthly update.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Checking In

Wow, its so long since I have posted. The main reason is not laziness, but it was my preparation for surgery.

I had surgery November 7, 2008. It was routine work "under the hood" procedure if you would. As some of you don't know, I have been on this exercise routine since August 23rd when L.A. Fitness opened up across from my office. I normally just swim because I have real bad knees. If I attempt to run, jog or walk, my knees swell up and I am out for at least two weeks.

So, when I started this life change (I don't call it a diet because they fail) I began at a hefty 318lbs of pure unadulterated fat. Even though I had been swimming and started to eat healthier, I couldn't lose any weight. No matter how long I swam or how hard I avoided certain foods, nothing was working.

Then I started to go to a nutritionist. Boy, if you think you are eating healthy, go to one of these nutritionist and they will open your eyes more ways than one! First off, did you know that you have to at least drink 1/2 your weight in water? Yes, I said half your weight in water. It works like this. If you weigh 256 lbs, then you must drink 128oz of water. Why water you ask? According to my nutritionist dehydration is one of the leading causes to many of our diseases.

Let me put it to you this way. Since I began drinking approximately 160oz of water a day, I have been off of my blood pressure medication. Of course it is not only the water drinking but also the 20lbs that I have lost so far and of course, water helps in weight loss. It has something to do with flushing out the bad juice and helping in digestion as well. I just drink the water and I let the professionals argue why its good.

Another thing that I have learned, "if it's white, it isn't right". What do I mean by white? What I mean by white I am talking about refined flours and foods. When food producers refine the flower, they are taking out most of the good stuff out of the foods. Our bodies react severely to enriched flour. Here is a scary thought for you to digest. Did you know that when you eat refined flour, you liver swells instantly? Yes, I didn't even know that. So, it has been whole grains for me and no red meats.

It has been a struggle. These are the changes I have made to put my life style in perspective. I have not had red meats in over 6 weeks. I guess it takes a long time to break down the fibers in red meat. I have had no white flour foods. For pasta I have been eating the spinach spaghetti with turkey ground meats. For my protein, turkey, chicken and fish.

The weight is coming off. I started going to the gym yesterday, Monday 8/7/08. I still can't swim because I still have one scab to work through and then I should be able to go. My goal is to swim 1500 meters every time I get into the pool. Before I had surgery I was up to 750 meters which is the half way point.

Only time and hard work will tell. I will keep you all posted as to my progress monthly. When I go to my nutritionist you will know the results of my weight loss.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Life Lock

I just wanted to get a quick post in about a very important company. Well, it is important in my life. The name of the company is LifeLock and you can visit their website at

Just one thing before I begin to put my thoughts down, I am in no way associated with Life Lock and I am definitely not on their payroll.

What is Life Lock? It is a company that monitors your credit and social security number and prevents, yes, prevents fraud and identity theft. I live in AZ. AZ has the highest identity theft in the United States. Identity theft is one of the longest and hardest frauds to recover from and not many laws are created to protect the consumer who's identity has been stolen.

An example: My brother goes to buy a home and he is told that his credit rating is 420. That he defaulted on a home in Miami, Tucson and currently owns a home and an Escalade. First off, he has never been to Phoenix and he drives a Honda. But the creditors don't know that and the credit bureaus don't either. So he has spent $7000 in court, lawyer and other fees just to clear his name. The process is over bearing and the proof falls on him not the credit agencies.

He basically has to send proof, notarized by the courts, that he was were he said he was when the house or vehicles were purchased. This happened 5 years ago and he is still dealing with this issue. Slowly but surely all derogatory credit is being removed. (By the way, this really happened to him and he is still dealing with this. Apparently some illega alien syndicate stole his SSN and has been using it since he was a teenager.)

Did you hear about the raid in Iowa? Immigration raided a meat packing plant in Iowa. Approximately 378 of the 700 employees were illegals living and working in Iowa. Did you know that over 60% of them had taken on someone else's identity? Yes, some American's credit was ruined. Their Social Security numbers have been used and shared amongst the illegal community. The bad part is that the company knew that some of the SSN were fraud and didn't do anything to stop it.

So, why did I decide to give Life Lock a chance? Because I have worked hard to have a high credit rating. I make sure that my bills on paid on time and that I maintain a low revolving credit amount. So life lock basically takes care of everything except getting your bills paid on time, that still lays with you.

Life lock put a 90 day fraud alert on my family's credit with each of the credit bureaus. Then they requested our free credit reports. Yes, this is something that we could do but it is a pain in the rear to get this done. Why not pay someone to do this plus monitor your credit and prevent credit fraud? Another thing, they will pay up to 1 million dollars to cover any court and laywer fees to get your name cleared. Then they ordered our work history with the Social Security Administration. My children's history had to be asked for by us and it is still in the process. But if it wasn't for Life Lock, I would have never known that I could do that for my kids.

The company will order my free credit reports and will place a fraud alert on my credit with all the bureaus for as long as I have them. So, all this plus the ease of mind for $22.50 a month is not a bad investment. And yes, they are also covering my children, one is 10 and one is 5. So it is ease of mind that their credit will be preserved until they learn to use a credit card.

If you have any doubts, then go to and give it a go. Heck, even the owner of the company posts his SSN because he is that confident and no, I have not checked to see if it was a valid SSN.