Tuesday, July 31, 2007


How many of you have had braces? What age were you when you had them on? I am a 35 year old man and have had my braces four months now.

Why do we as humans torture ourselves with these metal contraptions? Many could say that what we see on TV we wish for ourselves. Not in my case! My teeth are so crooked, they looked like piano keys after falling from an eleven story building! I can't tell you how many times, while chewing my food, I have bit the inside of my cheeks.

I really didn't hide my smile but wasn't to happy about the grill. Even after telling my sister, "I will never get braces", I decided to get them. They are not cheap either, at $5000 for 24 months, it is a hefty amount to pay.

Throughout my 35 years of existence, minus the 2-3 I don't remember, I have always envied those with straight teeth. I envied my wife who has perfect teeth. I envied the fact that she could floss with ease while I had to use ripcord just to get the floss between my teeth. I can't even tell you the times I hurt my gums while trying to get the floss in between my teeth.

Well, I am envious no more. While my teeth are not straight, I have noticed the difference in the four months that I have had them. I can easily get the "go betweens" through my teeth. They say that your breathing get better while you sleep. My buck teeth aren't as far out as they used to be.

You noticed I said "go betweens" earlier. For those of you who have never seen or used one, they are little brushes that you push in between your teeth. I use this method instead of flossing because it is easier. Yeah, I know, I should still floss. But, have you tried flossing through the brackets? Oh my! I think I got carpal tunnel in the first two weeks of trying. Jeez, no one said there were going to be side affects while using braces.

Well, for those of you pondering, should I? Go ahead and get those braces. You will get a straighter smile and more confidence in yourself. The best of all, the ease of flossing, so they tell me. I guess I will get back to you on that when they get my braces off.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Officer Cortez

Phoenix Police Officer Cortez was shot and killed while responding to a call.

Officer Cortez was responding to a check cashing store. The store had reported two suspects that were trying to cash a forged check. As Officer Cortez entered the store, he was shot twice by the suspect. The suspect, a 20 year old male and his accomplice a 19 year old female, were arrested the following day.

The female suspect had Officer Cortez' handcuffs in her back pocket when she was arrested. She stated to investigators that she had them as a souvenir.

The senseless killing of a young Police Officer who left behind a wife and two young children. Why? What has our society come to? How can one human, so casually take another human's life away? In times like these one sees a community bond together.

After all is said and done, we shall not forget Officer Cortez and his family.

May Officer Cortez rest in peace and may GOD watch over his family.


Picture one, the ocean from Mission Beach, San Diego, CA. Picture two, my daughter and son are running for some water. We buried my son up to his neck in sand. This was his first time to the beach. He had a blast, but hated the cold air!

Picture three is a picture of a shark that is at the Scripps Aquarium, La Jolla, CA. The last picture is taken from our hotel room. We were on the 11th floor.

All in all, I would say the vacation was relaxing. Have you ever gone on vacation and had time constraints? By time constraints I mean, having to be somewhere by a certain time. We didn't go to any theme parks this year. A few years back we went to Sea World. Talk about rushing having to get to shows. That is what I am talking about when I say constraints.

Well, this time around we just did the beach, aquarium and Sea Port Village. Everything we did was done at our pace and not by some set time a show was going to start. It was nice and upon coming home, I didn't need a vacation from my vacation.

USB Modem Software

How many times have you gone out on vacation, business trip, or just a leisure stay at a hotel only to find out the exuberant prices they charge to have internet service in your room?

As I was roaming the treonauts shop, at http://shop.treonauts.com/, I came across a little application called usb modem. Obviously to use this you will have to own a Treo Smartphone that runs on Palm OS. Once added to your phone, the application runs without a hitch. You can connect your phone via blue tooth or tethered to your laptop to be able to browse the web.

I came across this information when I read a link that forgot, a treonauts moderator, had posted on the forum. I went to this link, http://www.gabrielserafini.com/archives/2006/06/02/how-to-use-your-shiny-new-treo-700p-as-a-usb-modem-for-your-laptop-and-get-super-fast-sprint-evdo-speeds and followed the step by step instruction on how to set it up. Once set, I was able to get about 107kb-650kbs download speeds. That is pretty impressive given the fact your are using your Treo's internet connection.

What other options did I have? I could have purchased the 39.99 DUN plan through my provider! I think that is ridiculous given the fact that my phone can do that out of the box. Of course the "providers" of cell service disable that feature for their convenience.

I actually don't know how this program works, but I do know that it acts as a program that accesses the wireless connection. Sort of like when using your web browser on your phone, then it funnels that connection for use on your laptop. There are no limitations when using this program except for the speeds.

So, I was on vacation in San Diego, CA last week. The hotel I was staying at wanted to charge me $10/day to use the high speed internet connection. Luckily I had purchased the USB modem program before leaving. I used it throughout my vacation. The cost $24.95 for the program or $50 for high speed internet through the hotel.

Now, every time I go on vacation, or am using my laptop at a "hotspot", I just pull out my handy Treo 700P Smartphone and connect, virtually for free. Of course, I have an unlimited data connection through my cellphone provider. Still, cheaper than paying for the extra service.

Here is the link to the software for those of you wishing to download a trial.

Still trying to post via text messaging. I have tried many times . Hopefully this will work.


Finally, I was able to learn how to get my blogging done via text messaging. It is done the same way as MMS. I just had to come back into my blog and enter the code that was given me. Once accepted, I selected that the messages be sent to this blog instead of creating a new one.


Are we so caught up on Starbucks? Could it be the that Starbucks is much tastier than other coffee places? Could it be "its a name brand" bug? Who knows? All I know is that I enjoy the occasional Frappuccino.

I was wondering how many calories that occasional Frappuccino would cost me. As I was beginning my search for the caloric intake table, I decided to forgo that knowledge. Why? We only live once and having it on an "occasional" basis, I didn't see a need to worry about that stuff.

Now, getting back to the point in hand. I have gone to other coffee places. My favorite, Coffee Bean in Yuma, AZ. The atmosphere is good and the coffee is comparable to any other coffee I have tasted. (I like to compare this coffee phenomena to the I pod compared to other MP3 players.)

However, the best feature of the Coffee Bean was the Free Wi-Fi that is offered. That in itself is a plus in my book, not to mention the cheaper coffee prices. Now that dairy is going up, so will Starbucks coffee prices as well as all coffee house prices around the country. So why not offer up some free Wi-Fi?


In AZ, monsoons are to the desert what snow is to ski resorts. The expanding population has caused a 108 foot drop in the Desert Oasis, Lake Mead. At this time it is not known if the BLM will be able to meet AZ, NV an CA water needs this year. Many in the desert take our water for granted. Fissures are growing at an alarming rate. (Fissures are cracks in the earth caused by the depletion of ground water.)

Unfortunately as our population grows so will our own demise. Unless we devise a way to conserve, we are in a loosing battle.

Treo Users

Any Treo users out there? I began using the Treo 700P last July. Very interesting Smartphone. I had read about it but couldn't summon the will to spend a fortune on the device. However, I had just had knee surgery and staying around the house was driving me crazy! So, I went on ebay and purchased a phone, pretty cheap I may add.

I didn't know much about all the things that my phone could do. So I began to search the web for any sites that would be of assistance to me in helping me expand my knowledge. I came upon a site. Didn't know much about it except that the site was the first in line on my Google page. So, I went inside and decided to take a look around.

What I saw intrigued me. I quickly joined the forum and began to ask questions. What I loved about this site was that I was treated with respect and dignity, regardless of my ignorance. Eventually I learned and stayed on. The feel is very clean and energetic.

The moderators don't claim to be wizards, but know their stuff. The likes of skoenig, brandon, forgot, TazUk, and LotusLord help keep the site clean and friendly. The site, www.treonauts.com

All the information you need concerning your Treo Smartphone, can be found here. Let me add a little something. You need to order some software, accessory, or device, the store is top of the line. Your order is hassle free and quick. The ease of use is a cut above the rest. If your order is not to your satisfaction, returns are easy to make.

I highly recommend this site for your Treo needs. Oh, and Andrew can blog like no other. Keep up the good work Andrew!


I tried to mobile blog but couldn't do it. I guess I am still learning the whole blog thing. However, I am sending this via my e-mail using my Treo smart phone. Hopefully this will be easier than raising children.


Well, just started my own blog page. It took a whole 2 hours just to figure out how to do this. I am trying to do this mobile.


Uuuh, what!