Friday, May 30, 2008


It is Friday and I am only 24 hours away from my meetup tweetup with some Twitter folk. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Nervous you ask? Yeah, it is very different meeting people in person than it is meeting someone on twitter. To me twitter is a "barrier" from RL(Real Life) to my CL (CyberLife). These jitters will go away quickly though.

I am the type of guy that quickly adapts to changing environments and such. I know @BrooklynBeast in person. I met @BrooklynBeast and he is a cool kat and of course the other twitters that we know via twitter will be there. So knowing the beast will be a relaxer as I am sure it will ease the tension. There shouldn't be any tension, but you know, those jitters. Wow, I sound like a boy about to kiss his girlfriend for the first time. RAWR!!!

I can't wait to meet everyone. It should be a blast and we will have fun. The only problem I see is twitter. Twitter has had some serious issues that they can't recover from. I was hoping we could all tweet while we are at the tweetup but it appears that we won't be able to. Twitter is acting sub par at best.

Another thought that I had thinking about this tweetup. I have met people from NYC, @BrooklynBeast and @BrujitaLinda, I am going to meet some more cool twitterers at the tweetup. All these tweetups and I have yet to tweetup with any Phoenix twits. It is not that I didn't or haven't wanted to. The problem is the conflicts on dates that the tweetups have taken place here in the valley.

Well, enough of that. I am packed and ready to go. BTW, @BrooklynBeast, I have your bottle of Tequila bro.

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jesse said...

I can't even get my friends to twitter, and here you are meeting up with all your pal's. Crazy. Have fun!