Sunday, September 30, 2007


Halloween is descending upon us. Wasn't it just yesterday that Halloween passed?

I remember seeing the Halloween decorations up in August. The commercialization of these "holidays" is getting bad. I mean, who thinks of holidays 2 months before they are to happen? Apparently here in the U.S. we do. I guess retailers need the consumer to keep it afloat.

Okay, well whatever the reason. I have never been a person that likes to spend to much on Halloween decorations. But when you have two little ones, I guess we do it for the kids. But then again, isn't that what the stores want? Don't matter, I will buy this end of year Halloween decorations at less than 1/2 price.

Whatever your plans are be safe. We will be have a get together here at the house. Take care of your little ones, use flashlights and make sure to check their candy before they get to eat it. Many bad people will be lurking in the dark spots for innocent children. Let us make it a good holiday for all of us.

Happy Halloween!

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