Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rechargeable Batteries

As many of you know, I believe in protecting the environment. I guess that goes against what many believe being that I am a registered Republican. (Not going to turn this blog political, just saying.)

If you have read, or read, my blog you will see that I do believe in protecting mother earth. From getting Fluorescent bulbs, to reducing my water usage outside on the lawn, to getting the High Efficiency front end loaders. (They use over 50% less water than traditional washers.)

I started using rechargeable batteries over 18monts ago. The reason I waited to post this blog was because of the testing I have been doing with them. I have been using them from remote controls, wireless mice, massage bots and my bluetooth keyboard that I am writing this on. Are they the best thing to use for energy? No.

Why not? They don't last as long as alkaline batteries, per charge. I say per charge because I have had the same batteries for the 18month testing period that I am talking about here. What happens when you are done with an alkaline battery? It goes into the trash filling up the land fills. They corrode, leak and contaminate the ground water. By the way, ground water is essential in AZ!

Now, what happens when your rechargeable battery dies? You recharge it use it and repeat. Yes, while they only last a fraction of the time per charge, you are not wasting landfill space and contaminating the ground.

What have I done to make a little difference in the lasting power? I purchased Hybrid rechargeable batteries. What are Hybrid rechargeable batteries? They have Nickel Metal Hydride (NMih) and Alkaline in them. They can be recharged just as often as regular NMih batteries but they hold the juice better when not being used. That technology allows for more energy when you need it.

Yes, purchasing these batteries will mean a little more expense up front, but in the long run you will save money by not purchasing wasteful energy, Alkaline Batteries. The batteries I have been using are 2AA and 3AAA batteries. I will be trying the D batteries once I find ones with over 4000mah capacity. I need the extra juice being that I use a Maglite at work.

When in doubt, use rechargeable batteries. Think of your children"s future and how we will be leaving Earth for their use. We need energy to survive as humans, but we don't have to destroy the environment using that energy!!!

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