Sunday, October 19, 2008

Life Lock

I just wanted to get a quick post in about a very important company. Well, it is important in my life. The name of the company is LifeLock and you can visit their website at

Just one thing before I begin to put my thoughts down, I am in no way associated with Life Lock and I am definitely not on their payroll.

What is Life Lock? It is a company that monitors your credit and social security number and prevents, yes, prevents fraud and identity theft. I live in AZ. AZ has the highest identity theft in the United States. Identity theft is one of the longest and hardest frauds to recover from and not many laws are created to protect the consumer who's identity has been stolen.

An example: My brother goes to buy a home and he is told that his credit rating is 420. That he defaulted on a home in Miami, Tucson and currently owns a home and an Escalade. First off, he has never been to Phoenix and he drives a Honda. But the creditors don't know that and the credit bureaus don't either. So he has spent $7000 in court, lawyer and other fees just to clear his name. The process is over bearing and the proof falls on him not the credit agencies.

He basically has to send proof, notarized by the courts, that he was were he said he was when the house or vehicles were purchased. This happened 5 years ago and he is still dealing with this issue. Slowly but surely all derogatory credit is being removed. (By the way, this really happened to him and he is still dealing with this. Apparently some illega alien syndicate stole his SSN and has been using it since he was a teenager.)

Did you hear about the raid in Iowa? Immigration raided a meat packing plant in Iowa. Approximately 378 of the 700 employees were illegals living and working in Iowa. Did you know that over 60% of them had taken on someone else's identity? Yes, some American's credit was ruined. Their Social Security numbers have been used and shared amongst the illegal community. The bad part is that the company knew that some of the SSN were fraud and didn't do anything to stop it.

So, why did I decide to give Life Lock a chance? Because I have worked hard to have a high credit rating. I make sure that my bills on paid on time and that I maintain a low revolving credit amount. So life lock basically takes care of everything except getting your bills paid on time, that still lays with you.

Life lock put a 90 day fraud alert on my family's credit with each of the credit bureaus. Then they requested our free credit reports. Yes, this is something that we could do but it is a pain in the rear to get this done. Why not pay someone to do this plus monitor your credit and prevent credit fraud? Another thing, they will pay up to 1 million dollars to cover any court and laywer fees to get your name cleared. Then they ordered our work history with the Social Security Administration. My children's history had to be asked for by us and it is still in the process. But if it wasn't for Life Lock, I would have never known that I could do that for my kids.

The company will order my free credit reports and will place a fraud alert on my credit with all the bureaus for as long as I have them. So, all this plus the ease of mind for $22.50 a month is not a bad investment. And yes, they are also covering my children, one is 10 and one is 5. So it is ease of mind that their credit will be preserved until they learn to use a credit card.

If you have any doubts, then go to and give it a go. Heck, even the owner of the company posts his SSN because he is that confident and no, I have not checked to see if it was a valid SSN.

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