Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Checking In

Wow, its so long since I have posted. The main reason is not laziness, but it was my preparation for surgery.

I had surgery November 7, 2008. It was routine work "under the hood" procedure if you would. As some of you don't know, I have been on this exercise routine since August 23rd when L.A. Fitness opened up across from my office. I normally just swim because I have real bad knees. If I attempt to run, jog or walk, my knees swell up and I am out for at least two weeks.

So, when I started this life change (I don't call it a diet because they fail) I began at a hefty 318lbs of pure unadulterated fat. Even though I had been swimming and started to eat healthier, I couldn't lose any weight. No matter how long I swam or how hard I avoided certain foods, nothing was working.

Then I started to go to a nutritionist. Boy, if you think you are eating healthy, go to one of these nutritionist and they will open your eyes more ways than one! First off, did you know that you have to at least drink 1/2 your weight in water? Yes, I said half your weight in water. It works like this. If you weigh 256 lbs, then you must drink 128oz of water. Why water you ask? According to my nutritionist dehydration is one of the leading causes to many of our diseases.

Let me put it to you this way. Since I began drinking approximately 160oz of water a day, I have been off of my blood pressure medication. Of course it is not only the water drinking but also the 20lbs that I have lost so far and of course, water helps in weight loss. It has something to do with flushing out the bad juice and helping in digestion as well. I just drink the water and I let the professionals argue why its good.

Another thing that I have learned, "if it's white, it isn't right". What do I mean by white? What I mean by white I am talking about refined flours and foods. When food producers refine the flower, they are taking out most of the good stuff out of the foods. Our bodies react severely to enriched flour. Here is a scary thought for you to digest. Did you know that when you eat refined flour, you liver swells instantly? Yes, I didn't even know that. So, it has been whole grains for me and no red meats.

It has been a struggle. These are the changes I have made to put my life style in perspective. I have not had red meats in over 6 weeks. I guess it takes a long time to break down the fibers in red meat. I have had no white flour foods. For pasta I have been eating the spinach spaghetti with turkey ground meats. For my protein, turkey, chicken and fish.

The weight is coming off. I started going to the gym yesterday, Monday 8/7/08. I still can't swim because I still have one scab to work through and then I should be able to go. My goal is to swim 1500 meters every time I get into the pool. Before I had surgery I was up to 750 meters which is the half way point.

Only time and hard work will tell. I will keep you all posted as to my progress monthly. When I go to my nutritionist you will know the results of my weight loss.

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