Sunday, July 29, 2007

Treo Users

Any Treo users out there? I began using the Treo 700P last July. Very interesting Smartphone. I had read about it but couldn't summon the will to spend a fortune on the device. However, I had just had knee surgery and staying around the house was driving me crazy! So, I went on ebay and purchased a phone, pretty cheap I may add.

I didn't know much about all the things that my phone could do. So I began to search the web for any sites that would be of assistance to me in helping me expand my knowledge. I came upon a site. Didn't know much about it except that the site was the first in line on my Google page. So, I went inside and decided to take a look around.

What I saw intrigued me. I quickly joined the forum and began to ask questions. What I loved about this site was that I was treated with respect and dignity, regardless of my ignorance. Eventually I learned and stayed on. The feel is very clean and energetic.

The moderators don't claim to be wizards, but know their stuff. The likes of skoenig, brandon, forgot, TazUk, and LotusLord help keep the site clean and friendly. The site,

All the information you need concerning your Treo Smartphone, can be found here. Let me add a little something. You need to order some software, accessory, or device, the store is top of the line. Your order is hassle free and quick. The ease of use is a cut above the rest. If your order is not to your satisfaction, returns are easy to make.

I highly recommend this site for your Treo needs. Oh, and Andrew can blog like no other. Keep up the good work Andrew!

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