Sunday, July 29, 2007

USB Modem Software

How many times have you gone out on vacation, business trip, or just a leisure stay at a hotel only to find out the exuberant prices they charge to have internet service in your room?

As I was roaming the treonauts shop, at, I came across a little application called usb modem. Obviously to use this you will have to own a Treo Smartphone that runs on Palm OS. Once added to your phone, the application runs without a hitch. You can connect your phone via blue tooth or tethered to your laptop to be able to browse the web.

I came across this information when I read a link that forgot, a treonauts moderator, had posted on the forum. I went to this link, and followed the step by step instruction on how to set it up. Once set, I was able to get about 107kb-650kbs download speeds. That is pretty impressive given the fact your are using your Treo's internet connection.

What other options did I have? I could have purchased the 39.99 DUN plan through my provider! I think that is ridiculous given the fact that my phone can do that out of the box. Of course the "providers" of cell service disable that feature for their convenience.

I actually don't know how this program works, but I do know that it acts as a program that accesses the wireless connection. Sort of like when using your web browser on your phone, then it funnels that connection for use on your laptop. There are no limitations when using this program except for the speeds.

So, I was on vacation in San Diego, CA last week. The hotel I was staying at wanted to charge me $10/day to use the high speed internet connection. Luckily I had purchased the USB modem program before leaving. I used it throughout my vacation. The cost $24.95 for the program or $50 for high speed internet through the hotel.

Now, every time I go on vacation, or am using my laptop at a "hotspot", I just pull out my handy Treo 700P Smartphone and connect, virtually for free. Of course, I have an unlimited data connection through my cellphone provider. Still, cheaper than paying for the extra service.

Here is the link to the software for those of you wishing to download a trial.

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