Sunday, July 29, 2007


Are we so caught up on Starbucks? Could it be the that Starbucks is much tastier than other coffee places? Could it be "its a name brand" bug? Who knows? All I know is that I enjoy the occasional Frappuccino.

I was wondering how many calories that occasional Frappuccino would cost me. As I was beginning my search for the caloric intake table, I decided to forgo that knowledge. Why? We only live once and having it on an "occasional" basis, I didn't see a need to worry about that stuff.

Now, getting back to the point in hand. I have gone to other coffee places. My favorite, Coffee Bean in Yuma, AZ. The atmosphere is good and the coffee is comparable to any other coffee I have tasted. (I like to compare this coffee phenomena to the I pod compared to other MP3 players.)

However, the best feature of the Coffee Bean was the Free Wi-Fi that is offered. That in itself is a plus in my book, not to mention the cheaper coffee prices. Now that dairy is going up, so will Starbucks coffee prices as well as all coffee house prices around the country. So why not offer up some free Wi-Fi?

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