Tuesday, July 31, 2007


How many of you have had braces? What age were you when you had them on? I am a 35 year old man and have had my braces four months now.

Why do we as humans torture ourselves with these metal contraptions? Many could say that what we see on TV we wish for ourselves. Not in my case! My teeth are so crooked, they looked like piano keys after falling from an eleven story building! I can't tell you how many times, while chewing my food, I have bit the inside of my cheeks.

I really didn't hide my smile but wasn't to happy about the grill. Even after telling my sister, "I will never get braces", I decided to get them. They are not cheap either, at $5000 for 24 months, it is a hefty amount to pay.

Throughout my 35 years of existence, minus the 2-3 I don't remember, I have always envied those with straight teeth. I envied my wife who has perfect teeth. I envied the fact that she could floss with ease while I had to use ripcord just to get the floss between my teeth. I can't even tell you the times I hurt my gums while trying to get the floss in between my teeth.

Well, I am envious no more. While my teeth are not straight, I have noticed the difference in the four months that I have had them. I can easily get the "go betweens" through my teeth. They say that your breathing get better while you sleep. My buck teeth aren't as far out as they used to be.

You noticed I said "go betweens" earlier. For those of you who have never seen or used one, they are little brushes that you push in between your teeth. I use this method instead of flossing because it is easier. Yeah, I know, I should still floss. But, have you tried flossing through the brackets? Oh my! I think I got carpal tunnel in the first two weeks of trying. Jeez, no one said there were going to be side affects while using braces.

Well, for those of you pondering, should I? Go ahead and get those braces. You will get a straighter smile and more confidence in yourself. The best of all, the ease of flossing, so they tell me. I guess I will get back to you on that when they get my braces off.


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