Sunday, August 12, 2007


What is 3jam? 3jam is a service that allows you to "chat" via text with several friends at a time. For example, I send a message to friends 1,3,5,7 and 9. All of them will receive the message sent:

"Hey, let's meet for some drinks?" All of my friends will receive the message. Now, friend 1, replies, "I can't go, have to babysit." All of my friends, including me, will receive that message. As each of the friends continue to reply to my original text all of the friends in the chat will receive that message.

Not a bad little program to have if you have many friends you text to. You will be charged the text messages from your provider. However, 3jam states on their website that you will only be charged for one message per chat. I understand it as one text no matter how many friends on that chat. In my example above, I would be charged only one text for my original message to all of my friends and one text for each reply I get and send there after. 3jam does not charge you for the service.

If you own a Treo Smart phone, send "start" to 43526. You will then receive an URL taking you to a web link. At this web page, you will be a able to download a little application called 3jam. From within this little program, you can add your contacts for each "chat" you want to start.

If you don't own one of the approved phones, check the website, you can still use 3jam by sending start to 43526. You will have the option to 3jam from the reply. Check my links to the right for the link to 3jam.

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