Friday, August 31, 2007

Vonage Router

How many times has your day, or night, been ruined by downed technology?

You know what I mean. You wake up nice and rested just to find out your computer, network or Vonage Router is kaput. Now, trying to figure out what is wrong puts you in a foul mood, doesn't it? Well it does me and I don't know why.

Are we so connected that our world would just crumble without this stuff? I think I am. Obviously, Vonage is my home phone provider, so I would like for my home phone to work when I need it.

So, I get up and notice that the router has no lights on. I check the connection, good. I reset the router, still, no lights. I switch to a different outlet, no lights. Finally after disconnecting and reconnecting the power a million times, I called Vonage.

You know what I really hate? I really hate all the automation we have to go to in order to speak to a live person. Press 1 for English. Uh, hello, we are in the U.S. Should that even be an option? Press 2 for this and 3 for that. By the time I am done pressing options, I have dialed the Kremlin! Worst, when you speak to someone you don't understand! No offense to anyone, but you know what I mean. (The gentleman I spoke with spoke English.)

Okay, so after calling Putin, I finally get a hold of Customer Service. The guy, very professional fella, was about to start on the "troubleshooting" proceedures. In order to avoid a cold dinner, I chimed in and explained everything that I had done already.

He then told me that the Vtech routers have been going out on many customers the last few days. He checked my warranty and immediately told me that a replacement was on the way.

I had a ticket number and an RA# within minutes of my call being answered. So, not taking into consideration the call to the Kremlin, I think I spent 5 minutes talking to Vonage Customer Service. Not bad at all for a "technology down" call.

Luckily with Vonage, I can route my calls to another number free of charge. For $24.99 a month with unlimited calling to............England, I think I have a good deal.

Now, if we can just work on the automation.

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Anonymous said...

the US has no official language, so the language options make perfect sense.