Monday, August 13, 2007

CFL Bulbs

What does CFL stand for? Compressed Flousescent Lights.

With all that is going on in the world today, I decided to make a difference. Not much, but enough to put a smile on my face. I changed out 62 light bulbs for CFL bulbs. At a cost of 6.99-7.99/2 each, my approximate cost was a whopping $248. This is of course assuming I paid $8 for 2 bulbs.

Many people would have a hard time dealing with the up front cost. However, I purchased the bubls over a period of a couple of months. After changing out some bulbs in an area, I would monitor my electric bill. Luckily I have the option to see my use since I started my account by going online. With every area I changed out, I could see a slight decrease in my bill.

Once I completely changed all the bulbs in my house, to include outside lights, my average bill was reduced by $92 a month in the summer times. The winter saving was a little less at approximately $69 a month. Why the lower savings, I think because of my Christmas lights. Yes, I am a fanatic on Christmas and go all out.

Speaking of Christmas lights, they were selling LED Christmas lights at Walgreens last year. I bought a couple of strands. I guess my next conversion will be my Christmas lights. I will do some research so I can see what my savings will be.

When I bought my CFL, I wanted to by American. The only lights that I found to be made in America were "Lights of America". I purchased most of what they had on hand and then had to settle for some made oversees. I had read that "Lights of America" were restructuring and were almost up again. (Don't quote me on this.) I hope they are, we need to buy American.

I purchased the "Sunlight Bulb". Why? Because this type of light gives out a white light and simulates sunlight in your house. I don't like the "yellow" light given out by traditional lights. The white light brings out the beautiful colors in your house and is supposed to help with moods.

Other than saving you money on energy, they will also save you money on purchasing. Obviously the purchasing savings will not be up front, but with time. The CFL bulbs I bought are guarnteed to last 8 years. Taken into account how many regular bulbs you will buy in that time, you can add up the savings.

Remember that CFL bulbs do have a slight amount of mercury in them. So handle carefully and recycle them. I know, for a fact, that Home Depot and Lowe's will take your used CFL bulbs and recycle them.

Well, there you have it. If you wish to reduce your electric bill, you can do something about it. One of those ways it to change the light bulbs in your house. One more note, the regular light bulbs produce more heat than the CFL bulbs. The less heat will also help you in your cooling bill in the summer months.


Lupita said...

Nice info.

Sny734 said...

I called Lights of America in the summer of 2007. After being handed off a few times I finally talked to a person of position in the company. He told me they no longer make CFLs in the USA. I assume like any other corporate company. Greed.
I would like to know how any state or gov agency can enact a law that forces me to buy imported products. I think the law should be challenged.