Monday, September 3, 2007

Fluorescent Light

I decided to show you a picture of the CFL bulb that I use. It is a Sunlight Bulb. It has a rating of 15w and is equivalent to a 60w Incandescent Bulb. If you go here:

you can read all of the specs on these types of bulbs.

Like I said in an earlier blog, the difference in heat produced can make a difference in your cooling costs. According the website, link above, an Incandescent bulb can produce 350 degrees of heat, where as the Fluorescent bulb produces 90 degrees of heat. Imagine the difference that is with 62 bulbs!

I know that some have doubted my savings, but I tell you, my outside lights are always on at night to include my stairway safety lights.

Of course, there are many lights out there but this is the ones I chose. You do the math. Of the 62 lights I changed, 23 are 15w Fluorescent lights that were exchanged for 60w bulbs. The remaining 37 bulbs are 13w Fluorescent exchanged for 60w bulbs. The lesser wattage bulbs went into the kids, wash, guest and living rooms as well as the den, hallways and bathrooms. The lesser wattage means less light level. Once again, check the website, link above for this info.

And of course, I replaced the two front lights with 23w bulbs, replacing two 60w bulbs. The 23w bulbs are equivalent to a 75w Incandescent bulb.

There is the abbreviated run down of where my bulbs went. I tell you, the less heat produced, added with the less wattage, has made a big difference. My electric bill has not been over $289 this summer. Last year, my peak bill was $380 (approx.)

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