Wednesday, September 5, 2007


For those few that wanted a chance to try something new, the Foleo has been dropped by Palm.

Many of you may not have known about it. It was supposed to be a "mobile companion" to the Treo line of Smartphones or any other Smartphone. Not a laptop, yet you can access the net and edit doc and sheet.

Oh well, better luck with the next endeavor. *Hmmmm, if they want to let me test one, I would be more than happy to do it.*


jesse said...

Man, catching up with all your posts! :D

I'm anxious to see what they've got coming down the pipe now that they have cancelled the Foleo. I really would have like to have tried one....

lou martin said...


I am anxious as hell as well. I really know that the companion is the next generation laptop. It really has potential.