Sunday, September 9, 2007

To Chew Gum

I have a question for you. Let us say that I get a piece of gum and begin to unwrap it. I put it into my mouth and start to chew. Do I offer it to people around me?

See, the reason I ask this question is because I chew gum, a lot. I do it because I am very conscious of my breath and wish not to offend any one at work. I mean, I can't constantly be brushing my teeth while working. My employer will begin to charge me vacation time for that.

So, what is the ettiquette for that? I mean, if I offer a piece of gum, that person may think that I am offended by their breath. Also, by not offering a piece of gum they may be offended that I did not offer.

Obviously, I work with people I trust and depend on. If I was to offer a piece of gum, then I would offer a piece of gum.

So, what is the ettiquette?


jesse said...

I would totally be offended....

lou martin said...

Hmmm.... I guess I will continue to pop that piece of gum in my mouth away from people. LOL